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Night Tour: Toledo Underground

On our visit to the most unknown and mysterious parts of Toledo we will discover the caves, wells and water deposits that are hidden under this thousand-year-old city, visiting five underground sites:  The Roman Thermal Baths, the San Salvador well, the Jew’s House, the Cenizal baths, and the Cabellel baths.

Night Tour: Convents and Covered Streets

Come with us on this beautiful walk around the Toledo of convents and romantic places, where we will reveal legends, curiosities and stories about our medieval city, wandering covered streets, winding alleys and through its history.


Get to know the Imperial City by visiting its most emblematic monument, the First Cathedral.  Explore the Jewish Quarter, stroll along its narrow streets and let us show you the inside of the Saint Mary the White Synagogue and the Monastery of Saint John of the Kings, completing the tour with our grande finale, visiting “The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz,” a masterpiece by El Greco, in the Santo Tome church.

Distinguished Women of Toledo

Toledo was the home of countless distinguished women, from Juana “la Loca” (Mad), who was born here, or Empress Isabel of Portugal, who died in the Imperial City, including illustrious personages, such as Eugenia de Montijo and Maria Pacheco, who fought against Emperor Charles the Fifth during the War of the Comuneros of Castille.  Discover the stories of these and many other important women in Spanish history, on our route about “Distinguished Women of Toledo.”

The Fortress

Toledo is unconquerable … Many have tried but the city resisted the brunt of fierce attacks for centuries.  Discover why during our tour, in which we will visit the Alcazar.  Come up the hill with us from the Bisagra Gate and the Alfonso Sixth Gate and stroll around inside the city walls, seeing the city from a defensive point of view.

El Greco: Art and Profession

Travel back to the 16th century with us and learn about the ecclesiastic painter par excellence, enjoying his paintings in the Holy Cross Museum, the Convent of Santo Domingo (Saint Dominic) el Antiguo, the Church of Santo Tome and the El Greco Museum, during a pleasant walk around Toledo.

The Three Cultures

Discover the city of religious coexistence and stroll along the same streets which Christians, Muslims and Jews shared for over 700 years.  Learn about each of these religions by visiting the Mosque of Our Lord of the Light, the Main Cathedral and the Synagogue of Saint Mary the White.

View and Map of Toledo

The perfect visit for photography lovers.  Walk around the city, enjoying the tranquility of its streets and the majesty of its bridges and gates.  Relax, breathe and travel through time with us.

Visual Art: Tapestry and Paintbrush

Since a picture is worth a thousand words . . . completely immerse yourself in the Renaissance with us and learn about the Austrias Dynasty at the Holy Cross Museum, come with us to the Colegio de Infantes, now a Tapestry Museum, and let us show you El Greco’s masterpiece, ”The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz,” in the Santo Tome Church.

a la Carte

Tell us what your preferences are regarding museums, art, gastronomy, free time or your particular interests, and we will prepare a route that will adapt to your taste, according to the time you have.

Fares Destino Toledo 2016

Essential Toledo (Max. 2h)
Up to 30 pax: 120€
More than 30 pax: 140€
*Supplement for additional hour or fraction of hour: 20€ (Maximum 2 extra hours)

Complete Toledo: Full day tour (Max. 5h)
Up to 30 pax: 220€
More than 30 pax: 240€
*Ruta 3h + almuerzo libre + 2h

Night tours
Up to 30 pax: 150€
More than 30 pax: 180€

IVA 21% Not included

Tickets for the Monuments:

  • Cathedral and its museums: 8.00 €
  • Church of Santo Tomé (The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz)*: 2.50€
  • Synagogue of Saint Mary the White *: 2.50€
  • Monastery of Saint John of the Kings*: 2.50€
  • Mosque of Cristo de la Luz *: 2.50€
  • Church of the Jesuits*: 2.50€
  • Church of San Salvador (Our Savior)*: 2.50€
  • Transito Synagogue: 3.00€
  • El Greco Museum: 3.00€
  • Santa Cruz Museum: 5.00€
  • Saint Roman Church (Museum of Visigoth Art): 1.00€

Tourist wristband that includes these six museums: 8.00€

Discounts on ticket prices for students: Check with us

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