Toledo tour guides

With more than 20 years’ experience in the tourism field, a group of true professionals decided to join together to create Destino Toledo, with the goal of covering all of our customers’ requirements.

Hi! My name is Natalia!  I’m the youngest member of the group and a passionate fan of Toledo’s history and legends.  I really enjoy being able to transmit everything that Toledo means to people who visit my city, and I always do it with a smile and all of my affection.  I love animals, poetry, cinema, comics and video games 👾

Hello travelers! My name is Luis. My great love is traveling, experiencing other cultures and people, and that’s why I decided to study Tourism and devote myself to showing this beautiful and surprising city to others. I’m cheerful, outgoing and my great passion is to continue traveling round the world.

Hi! My name is Valle; a cheerful and funny Toledan who decided to study Tourism and work as a local guide in Toledo, for love of this city, its history, culture, roots, customs and legends. Besides being a local guide, I’m also a classical ballet teacher. So I’m very lucky that both of my jobs are artistic and things that I like to do!

I’m Manuel Salinero, the third in my family with the same name. I studied at the Complutense (Madrid) and got my degree in Art History, and then a Master in Archaeology. But I have never lived outside of Toledo, and I declare that I’m in love with the city, especially the most ancient part of its 1000-year-long history. I like listening to and making music, reading and writing in my free time, travelling, especially in Spain, as well as enjoying a cold beer with my friends.

Hi, my name is Sonia and I declare myself in love with life, the sun, people and animals and Toledo in a very special way!  I have a degree in Tourism, followed by another in Humanities, specializing the history, and then a master in artistic and cultural heritage in Toledo.   After wandering around different cities in Europe, I decided that Toledo would be the city of my life.  Will you let me make you fall in love with its beauty?

I’m Ricardo, an admirer of the history of Toledo. I studied Humanities at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, and I’ve been an official Toledo guide for the last 12 years. I’m passionate about history, art and the oddities of this city. I also like volleyball and cycling, and I need to get out into Nature every week. However, with a 14-month old baby, sometimes it’s hard.

Hola soy Yolanda! Guia de Toledo desde hace 9 años, apasionada de mi ciudad de su arte e historia, y cuando cae el atardecer, de sus maravillosas leyendas. ¡Te invito a acompañarme en uno de nuestros paseos!

Hello, I’m Irene.  Born and bred in Toledo, I finished my Humanities degree in 2006 and I combine my time at my job as a guide with historical research.  I love photography, so it’s easy to find me and my camera wandering the streets of the city, looking for nooks and details that I’d be pleased to show you.

Hola, soy Nacho! Me considero un afortunado ya que trabajo en lo que me gusta y apasiona, enseñar mi ciudad natal Toledo. Mis ratos libres los ocupo pasando un rato entretenido de conversación con mis amigos y disfrutando de la familia. Cuando el tiempo lo permite aprovecho para viajar, otras de mis pasiones.

Hi! I’m Sara, a 28-year-old Toledo native, in love with this city where I was born.  After getting my Teaching Degree with specialization in Foreign Languages and spending some time abroad, I decided that my calling was in the field of Tourism in my city, and I started studying Tourism and Business Administration.

I’m also a fan of gastronomy, animals, Nature and long trips.  But after every trip my destination is always Toledo.

I invite you to discover this magical city with the help of this magnificent team of professionals at Destino Toledo!

Hello. My name is Daniel, I have a degree in Tourism from the Complutense Univerisity of Madrid and I’ve been a guide in this beautiful city for four years.  My mother is Austrian and my father from Toledo, and I am a fan of history and European art, and I really want to show you the things I like, so come on!

Hi! My name is Javier, I chose my studies in Tourism to be able to develop my career as a licensed local guide, so I could have the chance of showing my wonderful city, Toledo. I have spent years studying abroad in places such as Ireland, Australia, France, Italy, Japan… However, I always knew that I was going to come back to my beautiful hometown. Let us share with you the experience of discovering Toledo!

Our team is made up of Licensed Tourist Guides, all of them members of The Regional Association of Guides of Castilla-La Mancha, the CEFAPIT and the WFTGA. A group of professionals who truly love Toledo and who will make your visit to the city an unforgettable experience.